Raymond Cho, City Councillor Q and A on his support of LRT in Scarborough

This is fourth of four videos taken from tonight’s Public Transit Meeting on LRTs or Subways, in Malvern, Scarborough, organized by Toronto City Councillor Raymond Cho. This final Q and A was heavy with support for subways. March 8 2012

Raymond Cho, City Councillor answers why he reversed his support of Subways to LRT in Scarborough

This is City Councillor Raymond Cho explaining himself how and why he supported Subways during the 2010 municipal election and now he supports LRT. University of Toronto Scarborough Campus Prof Sorenson answers why academics also don’t support subways. This Q and A video is a bit more  of an answer of why no to subways. […]

Raymond Cho, Scarborough City Councillor begins answering Questions on Subways vs LRT

Oops, this video is only 7 seconds… posting it anyway. This is Scarborough City Councillor Raymond Cho, who was just made a TTC commissioner on Monday. He had planned this public meeting way in advance and perhaps had little idea that by the time tonight’s meeting rolled around, he would in fact be ON the […]