The Species of The Humber Watershed

The Species of The Humber Watershed Howard Juniour Public School Labyrinth . Mural

Art City Toronto . Mural Unveiling

Mural Unveiling . Escape and Explore . An Urban Adventure Art City Toronto . Sherbourne and Wellesley Intersection St. James Town . Tuesday September 20 2011

The Great Toronto Fire of 1904 . Croft Street

Great Toronto Fire of 1904 . Mural . Heritage Toronto Plaque Croft Street . Toronto . Tuesday April 19 2011 On April 19, 1904, about 8 pm, a conflagration erupted in the heart of Toronto, an inferno that remains to this day as the worst fire in the city’s history.

Toronto’s Largest Periodic Table

University of Toronto Chemistry Department Giant wall size Periodic Table CHEMOT7

Graffiti Alley . Rush Lane . Fashion District Graffiti Alley in The Fashion District runs south of Queen Street West from Spadina Avenue to Portland Street beginning at 1 Rush Lane, Toronto, Ontario Canada. It’s where Rick Mercer records his rants to a National Audience.

Toronto’s “Memory Lane”

A bike ride / stroll down Memory Lane . . . Leslieville, East End Toronto