Wayne Scott . Green Party . Davenport

Federal Green Party Candidate Wayne Scott Davenport Riding Toronto Ontario Canada GreenParty.ca/campaign/2008/35015 DavenportGPC.com

“Grass Roots” Demands Democratic Debates

The “Grass Roots” Demand Democratic Debates The Annex . Toronto Canada . March 30 2011 LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD Sign The Online Petition At DemandDemocraticDebates.ca To Demand That Elizabeth May Of The Green Party Be A Participant In The Upcoming Televised National Leaders’ Debates

Land Transfer Tax . Vehicle Registration Tax

Toronto City Council Debate. This Re-Vote on Toronto Taxes happened on Monday October 22, 2007. 7:03 p.m.: Land Transfer Tax (LTT) voting began and passed 26-19. 7:05 p.m.: Personal Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT) passed 25-20. 7:07-7:08 p.m.: Torontonians sitting in the bleachers of Council Chambers gave a one minute ovation when the vote results were […]

Trinity-Spadina All Candidates Debate . PSK

Trinity-Spadina . Provincial All Candidates Debate Pedestrian Sunday Kensington Toronto September 30 2007