Car Crashes into RBC Royal Bank Branch . Dundas Street West and University Avenue

Dundas Street West and University Avenue Car Crashes in RBC Royal Bank Branch Wednesday March 14 2012

TTC Streetcar Derailment

TTC Streetcar Derailment . College Street and Spadina Avenue Friday August 19 2011

Kennedy Subway Station Tunnel – Post Derailment Repairs

The last car of a subway train derailed the other day. These few seconds are what it looks like after the repairs were done to the tunnel. The train conductor asked me politely to stop recording, so I did and enjoyed the rest of my trip home.

Coach’s Corner Tribute . 5 Hockey Players

Five youths from the Thornbury, Ontario area passed away from injuries sustained in an automobile accident. Michael Fleming . Drew Perry . Morgan Fitzgerald Andrew McKean . Michael O’Hara The accident occurred January 19, 2007 on Highway 26 near the town of Meaford, Ontario. My friend Kassie Smith from Meaford knew the boys and asked […]